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Web Design and Development

VitGroup's web solutions satisfy users' business goals. We devote our efforts to meeting our customer's requirements first of all.

As far as design is concerned we employ the best and recognized professionals in the design industry. Their creations always meet harmonic balance in size, structure and color proportions.

However one of the most important features is site structure as it deals with user interaction where the importance of social interface can not be underestimated. Even if you have everything "in perfect", but your social interface is poor it won't work.

Each step towards creating a brilliant web-site has to be made having in mind this idea. Everything from information strategy, brand planning, site structure and design to response times, content presentation and user interaction facilities must be submitted to your users' needs.

So it is vital to make the appropriate researches before starting with the creation of the web-site. VitGroup uses a lot of different research technologies for these purposes.

Besides that our designers are ready to create the whole style set for your company (including creation of business cards, letter blanks, banners, ID cards, corporate stationery, etc: and web-styles, of course).

For these purposes VitGroup is able not only to create some new elements, but to redesign the old and well-know ones to become more useful.

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