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Web Application Server

Products & Solutions

As VitGroup is a service company the core of our business is providing our customers with the effective solutions designed to meet their specific requirements. This has made our track record.

We have provided complex solutions to the different industries dealing with satellite systems, small business databases, hardware connecting and handling, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange solutions, Lotus Notes plug-ins, etc.

Our solutions include:

  • Software developed according to the custom needs and integrated into the client's informational infrastructure and business environment.
  • Distributed systems communicating over the web or client's network.
  • Business to Customer web-oriented solutions.

Besides the solutions VitGroup designs and develops its products that include:

  • Different developer's tools (components for other developers work).
  • Web Application Server (is used to create b2b and b2c web-oriented solutions).
  • Banner Shooter (used to remove banners from the web-pages).
  • Clipboard Master (used to manage clipboard and its contents).

VitGroup plans to enter the market with new products in the nearest future. We will of course expand the list of services we offer to our customers.

We consider our customers to be the top priority, thus we will continue to work for you, either by creating the new products or delivering high-quality services as well as we did this recently.

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